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Mobile Phone Data Recovery

Mobile Data Recovery Services in Glenelg & Rundle Mall, Adelaide

Has your android or iPhone stopped working? It too damaged to be switched on? Is it as dead as a doornail? Do not panic about the lost data when you have Phone Fix around. Thanks to our immense experience, and our highly skilled technicians and their state-of-the-art procedure, we will come up with some astounding mobile data recovery services in Glenelg & Rundle Mall, Adelaide once you summon us.

We are specialists in data recovery from all models of iPhones as well as phones of every model of every manufacturer, using Android and Windows platforms that are no longer working due to severe water or other liquid damage or other serious irreparable physical or software damage.

Why Us?

The data extraction technology is a class of its own, which makes sure that we are never a failure in our effort to extract your data, no matter how severe is the damage! We always put emphasis on retrieving your data absolutely intact and would leave no stone unturned to do so, in a safe as well as professional way.

Our data recovery service in Glenelg & Rundle Mall, Adelaide comes in handy in cases when:
  • The mobile will not power on
  • The mobile will not charge
  • The mobile is smashed or broken into pieces
  • The mobile has suffered severe water or other liquid damage
  • The mobile OS has got severely corrupted and cannot be recovered
  • The mobile cannot be operated after a wrongful software upgrade
  • Your apple device shows cable and iTunes logo after a failed iOS update attempt
  • Corrupted iTunes backup... and the likes
Hence, if you are facing one of these problems or something else for which you need to retrieve your data intact, CONTACT US now!