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Yes, Absolutely. We have all the tools and expertise in possession to extract your lost data from your water damaged smartphone. Still as an additional tip; we would suggest you do a backup if you find your device still functional even after getting wet. But if it is completely dead, call us and we will come over to your place of choosing.

That depends on you totally! However; what we will say is that if your device is water damaged, then you can call us and our technicians will try to resolve the issue on the same-day at reasonable industry rates.

Our data recovery rate is very good (90-95%) be from HDD, laptops or mobile phones. And all of that credit goes to our proficient team who have all the field knowledge to provide you best-in-quality services.

No, we do not sell authentic mobile spare parts. We do however use them to perform our repairs and replacements.

If we cannot retrieve your lost data, then you will not be charged for anything.

The repair cost is calculated based on the condition of your device, the severity of the damage and the amount of repair or replacements needed to restore it to normal. These prices can vary for different devices based on its specific servicing needs.

If the price of the repair will change as to what you were informed before, our experts will let you know and only on your approval will proceed forward.

If we cannot repair your device, then no charges will apply.

By offering you our 12-months service warranty; we include all parts repair/replacement. Our warranty doesn’t cover any physical damage on the device. For more details speak to us.