Telltale Signs that Say It’s Time to Change the Battery of your Smartphone

Batteries of smartphones these days are pretty durable – they last long, and proper care, they last even longer. Still, it”s a tall ask to think they will last your lifetime. At some point in time or the other, they will live their lives and will die. But before it does so, it sends out a series of unmistakable signs and it’s up to you to read that and look for a replacement. In most cases, they would show the following signs.

The Phone will not turn on
This is the most common and obvious sign that an ailing and dying battery of your smartphone will give. Like everything else without the power, your phone will simply not turn on. However, if you are still receiving notifications and experiencing signs of power, with the display being black, it is likely to be something else – not the battery. It can be a charger issue. Try out with a different charger and if the issue persists take the gadget to the techies of a reputed phone repairing store of your locality..

The phone shows signs of life when connected to a charger
You may find your phone completely dead otherwise. However, when connected to a charger, it will start showing signs of life – but only just. Or at times, it may work fine when connected to the battery and slip back to slumber when disconnected. All these are telltale signs that the battery of the phone is at the fag end of its life.

The Battery Drains out fast even when fully charged
At times, you may find that the battery of your phone running out of juice way too fast than normal, even when you have charged it fully. If that happens frequently, it is obviously time to have it replaced. However, before that, you may try by uninstalling some of the battery-draining apps and see if that symptom persists. If yes, it’s time to replace the battery.

Sometimes, you will find that the phone gets overheated when you converse over it even for a few minutes, or when you charge it. This is an obvious sign of battery malfunction and its high time to replace it with a new one.

A Bulging Out Battery
Last but not the least, a bulging out battery is the obvious sign that it has lived its life and its time to replace it. When your battery starts to outgrow its case in terms of size, you must get rid of it, before it causes some serious, irreparable functional damage to your phone.
So never ignore these warning signs that tell you to go for a fresh battery. It will pay off. Remember, in this case, the earlier you act, the more you save!